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Cheap wedding cakes

Cheap wedding cakes can turn what should be a special day into a truly disastrous experience. One which the wedding guests may not forget in a hurry.

Cutting costs inevitably means cutting corners to get the price down. Cutting corners is something we at Cake Bazaar definitely do NOT do.

Our prime goal is to always make a cake the focal point of any wedding. Ensuring everyone not only gets to see your wonderful wedding cake but also to savour the taste of our creation.

It’s not just with wedding cakes where we apply this ethos but to all the cakes we make. Be they for a birthday, for a corporate, to any type of celebration cake on offer.


Guests tend to remember weddings for either the spectacular or the disappointment. By choosing a cheap cake, the likelihood of the big day being remembered as a disappointment increases dramatically.

We don’t strive for the impossible, perfection is not what we are about. Instead we look at the realistic possibilities of making a truly spectacular cake. Which not only looks good but tastes as good as it looks.

Cheaper cakes

Cheaper cakes tend to use cheaper ingredients, which can degrade the taste of the cake. So when it’s time to cut the cake and share it with the guests. The taste may have changed from when the cake was first delivered. The ingredients may have caused the cake to deteriorate slightly and this will be picked up by the guests quite easily.

Cake tasting

By using better ingredients, the cake can keep for much longer. Therefore there’s no need to worry about the cake taste not being up to high standards developed. During the initial cake tasting done prior to the design of the cake.

We firmly believe the expectation set during the initial consultation, especially during the cake tasting. Can always be met when the actual wedding cake is served to guests or even better, the expectation can be exceeded. Creating a magical experience for everyone to treasure forever.

Wedding venues

Having the best wedding venue in the world means nothing when a cheap wedding cake can steal the show in all the wrong ways.

We supply cakes to leading wedding venues including plush hotels to stately homes. Where we always strive to make our wedding cake as lavish as the surroundings, the cake will be displayed.

This is paramount to us, as the cake is part of the big day where everything from the venue, to the wedding car, to the bride’s dress, all need to come together. To help make the spectacular, really spectacular.

Cake Bazaar creates Wedding Cakes for Herts, Bucks, Beds, Essex, Middlesex and London.

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