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Planning a wedding

With any wedding, planning the big day is vitally important. It can be an extremely stressful experience, trying to make sure everything goes to plan.

From the caterers, to the venue organisation, the wedding dress and not forgetting the wedding cake. All need an attention to detail so the unexpected can be avoided.

To make the planning easier, it’s best to get help, may be from a family member or a friend. At least this way, the stress can be reduced, as there’s a few of you, sorting things out.

This is a lot better than just one person or even two (bride and groom) running around, trying to sort everything out. With a few people involved it can make it easier to make decisions. As ideas can be bounced around and feedback from helpers can go along way in shaping plans for the better.

Affordable wedding

Making sure a wedding is affordable does not mean cutting costs. But instead means spending a little more time on finding suppliers who can deliver what is expected, at a more favourable cost.

Searching further field opens up more competition and the possibility of more favourable pricing. Without necessarily sacrificing expectations of the big day.

Yes, more effort and time is needed but the rewards of getting your ideal wedding within your budget will be possible and very satisfying.

Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are an integral part of any wedding and some people end up spending a fortune on them. But shopping around especially on-line, can lead to some bargains.

It’s wise to make sure, the supplier chosen is reputable and can actually deliver. Simple searches on the internet can aid in determining the quality of the supplier.

Wedding photographers

Getting your big day captured on polaroid and video is essential for any wedding these days. A wedding needs to be treasured and what better way of looking back on the big day. Than watching a video of the proceedings and looking at photographs, capturing the magic of the special day.

A good photographer can capture the special day to treasure forever. So it makes a lot of sense to find someone who has vast experience in dealing with weddings. As they’ll know how to capture on film, the important aspects of the special day.

Wedding Cake

Finally, the piece de la resistance, the focal point of the wedding. Yes, the /wedding cake/ and with Cake Bazaar’s experience of creating delicious lavish cakes. Can only make the day just as special as the bride and groom.

This is where we can provide our vast experience and advise on the possibilities available. Letting you experience the many flavours available, along with the different styles.

Please take a look at our galleries, to see the multitude of wedding cakes we have created. For weddings, big and small, from large venues in hotels, to intimate affairs. Our expertise can help making sure there’s no need to worry about the cake.

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